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to the Klimbos (Treetop Adventure)

Available at: Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 34.50 (price per person)

Follow a beautiful premade route at your own pace and enjoy the hills and forests of the Brunssummerheide along the way. You can choose between an E-bike or a Scooter (these must be booked separately and are not included the package price) and enjoy a delicious lunch on arrival at "Park het Plateau". Afterwards you will go on a Treetop Climbing Adventure through the lush forest in Brunssum. After the work is done, you drive back following another beautiful premade route to Valkenburg.

A wonderful, active day in South-East Limburg suitable for both families and company trips.

Minimum numbers of participants: 4

Day program from: 10:00 am - 17:30 pm incl. lunch. To provide enough time to complete the trip, the start is between 10:00 and 10:30 at Cycle Center Par'Course (Valkenburg). Also included is an A4 bicycle junction map to and from the "Treetop Adventure", the use of helmets and climbing belts for the forest (instructors present) and lunch consisting of 2 luxury sandwiches and one drink.

Unlimited Energy package!

Available at: Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 10.00 (price per person)

From €13.50 for €10!

Nice and sporty on the way?

Take this package with you to ensure that your energy stays up, so that you can enjoy the beautiful Limburgs hillside even more.


What does the package include?

  • Cycle Center Tacx bottle with SUPQ isotonic drink at €6
  • 2 energy gels from SUPQ at €1.95 p.s.
  • 2 energy bars from SUPQ at €1.95 p.s.

Environmentally conscious on the go!

Available at: Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 14.50 (price per person)

Enjoy the Limburg landscape on a environmentally friendlyvehicle and contribute to a cleaner environment!

You can choose from one of our electric vehicles with a beautiful but also tasty stop at the Reusch (Giant).
He is literally a giant, the 94 year old water tower De Reusch on the edge of Schimmert. An imposing and sturdy building between the Limburg hills.

You can enjoy a tasty seasonal soup in the restaurant, all ingredients come from a radius of 60 km, as far as you can see on a clear day from the top floor of the Reusch.

What does the arrangement entail?

  • Electric two-wheeler of your choice
  • Beautiful route through the Limburg hilly landscape
  • Entrance to the national monument (De Reusch)
  • Seasonal soup in the restaurant
  • Grape juice FRISH
  • Bicycle junctions map

Burgundian life in Limburg!

Available at: Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 40.00 (price per person)

Burgundian in his own country, who wouldn't want that?

Enjoy a trip through the Limburg hills, on a two-wheeler of your choice.

Did you know that Limburg is also known for its delicious wines?
Along the way you will stop at one of Limburg's most famous and best wine estates, St. Martinus! Here you will taste 3 different wines from their range.

At the end of the beautiful day you will have dinner after your return to Valkenburg.
Dinner takes place at restaurant De Beren.

Included in your package:

A tour through the Limburg hills on the desired two-wheeler (to be booked separately)
Route map "St. Martinus"
3 tasting glasses at wine estate St. Martinus
2 course menu at Restaurant De Beren.

Healty lunch package

Available at: , Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 15.00 (price per person)

Enjoy a fresh picknick to go on your tour and explore South Limburg! You'll start at our rental centre and will either get along a basket or picknick backpack on your bike or scooter.  

Included in your arrangement:

  • A tour of 3 to 7 hours on the desired bike/scooter. Start from 10:00.
  • Use of backpack including napkins and waistbag.
  • Picknick to go including; 3 tasty sandwiches, fresh fruit, (fruit)yogurt, orange juice, water, candybar and a daily special from Limburg*

*Please inform us on forehand about allergies.

Old Limburg's delight arrangement

Available at: , Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 16.50 (price per person)

Experience the beauty of South Limburg... by bike, e-bike or scooter including one of our idyllic routes ever plotted out. Your route will guide you towards the most southernmost villages of the Netherlands. In the little village of Oud Holset is the Inn where your farmerslunch is freshly prepared. After enjoying your rest on the sunny terrace of the inn, the route will continue along side the infamous most beautiful road of the Netherlands to ultimately guide to back towards our rental centre in Valkenburg.

Included in your arrangement

  • A tour of 4 to 7 hours on the desired bike/scooter. Start from 10:00.
  • Routemap "Oud Holset" with routes from 4 to 7 hours.
  • Seasonal farmerslunch "Oud Holset" including a coffee or tea*.

*Please inform us on forehand about allergies. Available from 1 to 100 persons.

Solex and Valkenburg package

Available at: Cycle Center ParCourse (centrum Valkenburg)
Price: € 59.50 (price per person)

Enjoy the fully electric French E-Solex fully with this package deal including routemap and fitting Burgundian lunch in a nostalgic Limburg inn. Following the relatively flat routes from Maastricht to Valkenburg you'll experience a little piece of history in the forest road of Meerssen with it's Chalkstone caves and Castles. At inn de Nachtegaal you'll enjoy a tasty 2 course lunch with a touch of Limburg. 

Included in your arrangement:

  • Use of a E-Solex.
  • A tour of 3 to 5 hours on the E-solex. Start between 10:00 to 12:00.
  • Routemap "A4" with connecting points.
  • Routemap "E-solex en Valkenburg".
  • Seasonal luxurious 2 course lunch menu at restaurant de Nachtegaal in Meerssen*.

*Please inform us on forehand about allergies. Available from 1 to 30 persons.