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Mountainbikes trails

You will always receive a map with the ATB routes that start nearby. For a good preparation, take a look at MTB routes. This website contains all routes throughout the Netherlands. You can follow a mountain bike route via the international ATB signposting (yellow signs with colored dots + triangle). The routes that start close to Cycle Center Par'Course are the black ones Valkenburg-Cauberg route, a beautiful, accessible route, and the blue Valkenburg-Houthem route, a short but powerful route. The Valkenburg-Houthem route can easily be extended with the red Meerssen route.

Routes on the paved roads

Cycle Center works together with to make the most beautiful cycling routes through South Limburg possible. We do this on the basis of bicycle junctions. You then follow a route by following numbered signs. At each node there is an information panel with an overview map. Between the nodes you will come across extensive signage. All routes are possible with all two-wheelers, with the exception of the E-Solex and E-Chopper. The fixed routes for these vehicles can also be found below!

Below you will find some pre-made routes with a short description. Click on the route to view more details! To save the routes on your phone, download the app for Android of iOS. With the premium version you can also navigate live!

Yellow Route


This route runs through the interior of South Limburg and passes traditional Limburg villages. Nice sights include Hoensbroek Castle, the Alfa brewery and the Nachtegaal pub.


Schin op Geul, Klimmen, Voerendaal, Hoensbroek, Schinnen, Spaubeek, Genhout, Ulestraten, Meerssen, Berg en Terblijt


Red Route


Great scenic route with nice stops along the way. If you want to explore the real Heuvelland with its beautiful spots, views and hills, take a day out and enjoy this route.


Schin op Geul, Wijlre, Gulpen, Mechelen, Holset, Epen, Slenaken, Banholt, Cadier en Keer, Bemelen, Berg en Terblijt 


Blue Route


Wonderful shorter route to enjoy the hotspots of South Limburg on a two-wheeler. The route visits the heart of South Limburg with nice villages along the way. There are plenty of terraces and pie to be found here!


Schin op Geul, Wijlre, Gulpen, Margraten, Bemelen


Green Route


Rural and the city! This day route of approximately 50 km is a tour that you do if you not only want to experience the hills but also the culture of Maastricht.


Schin op Geul, Wijlre, Gulpen, Margraten, Sint Geertruid, Gronsveld, Maastricht


E-Solex route


This route is specially made for the E-Solex or if you want to take a short ride with the E-Chopper. This way we can be sure that you will not end up with an empty battery! This pleasant route shows a cross-section of South Limburg.


Bemelen, Meerssen